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Thread: Softmodding a Wii FAQ

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    Softmodding a Wii FAQ

    This FAQ is a reference for how to Softmod a Wii. It covers many topics such as how to mod your wii, useful apps for maintaining your soft mod, risks of other apps (Im looking at you cIOSCORP) and some common terminology used by the soft mod community. This FAQ does not cover Backup loaders or how to run your backups. I am currently working on a FAQ about Backup Loaders (disc and usb) and game compatability. And remember...


    Where Do I Start?

    Q: I stumbled across this site and want to unlock my Wii to its ultimate potential, how do i do it?
    A: The easiest way is to follow one of two guides posted on this forum. Softmod for wiis 3.1 - 4.1 system menus or Softmod for Wiis on 4.2 system menu

    Q: I heard my Wii cannot be softmodded, will those guides work on my LU64+ or Equivalent Wii?
    A: Yes They will

    Q: Are you sure?
    A: Yes³

    Q: But on the other forum they said...
    A: Those other forums suck, this is the best forum for modding the Wii, thats why it is called Wiihacks³

    Q: So i just do this and it works?
    A: YES³

    Q: I read a guide where I have to downgrade my Wii....
    A: There is no need to downgrade your Wii. The guide you read is outdated and there are ways to mod your Wii without having to downgrade. Also downgrading newer Wii's can lead to severe issues including a full unrecoverable brick.³
    NEVER downgrade your wii.

    Q: Can I play online games with a softmod?
    A: Nintendo really does not have a way of checking if your system is modded or not. As of this writing there is not risk/harm in playing any game online. It will not brick you or ban you.

    Q: What methods are there to get my Wii Softmodded?
    A: As of right now there are 4 exploits to run homebrew code. They are Twilight Hack, Bannerbomb, Stack Smash, and Indiana Pwns.Each one works on different System menus

    Exploits for Homebrew

    Twilight Hack

    Q: What is the Twilight Hack?
    A: The Twilight Hack is the original safe, public way to enable homebrew on a Wii without hardware modification. The Twilight Hack is achieved by playing a hacked game save for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess which executes a homebrew application from an external SD card. Examples of such homebrew .elf or .dol files can be found on the Homebrew applications page. The Twilight Hack was created by Team Twiizers.

    Twilight Hack 0.1beta1 is compatible with System Menu up to 3.3, 0.1beta2 is compatible with System Menu 3.4. The twilight hack is not and never will be compatible with System Menu 4.0 and up.

    Q: How do I use this method?
    A: For more information on this exploit go here.

    Bannerbomb Exploit

    Q: What is Bannerbomb?
    A: Bannerbomb is an exploit capable of launching homebrew from any version of the System Menu. It was created to replace the Twilight Hack, which does not work on System Menu 4.0.

    The exploit works by using a malformed banner to crash the Wii and run code to load the boot.dol placed in the root of the SD card. It can be used to install the Homebrew Channel, DVDx and the BootMii public beta via the HackMii Installer

    Q: How do I use this exploit?
    A: You can find more info about bannerbomb going here.

    Comex's Stack Smash

    Q: What is Stack Smash?
    A: Stack Smash is an exploit Comex found in the level creator for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Loading a custom level file will allow you to run hombrew code on your Wii.

    Q: How do I use this exploit?
    A: You can find more about this exploit here.

    Indiana Pwns

    Q: What is the Indiana Pwns exploit?
    A: The Indiana Pwns exploit is in the same vein as the Twilight Hack. It was released 09/23/2009. It involves a hacked save game for LEGO Indiana Jones, that when you go to the art room and look at the second character it causes a buffer overflow allowing one to run unsigned code.

    Q: How do I use this exploit?
    A: You can find more about this exploit here. and you can Download the save games files here.

    HackMii Installer

    Q: What is the HackMii Installer?
    A:The HackMii Installer is a package of applications one would use after they use one of the above exploits. HackMii Installer consists of 3 applications, BootMii, DVDX, and The HomebrewChannel. This installer is an all in one sort of package for Team Twiizers work. The first screen that comes up for it will basically just tell you what can and cannot be installed on your Wii. Generally it will say something like:

    The Homebrew Channel: Can be installed.
    dvdx: Can be installed.
    bootmii: Can be installed. OR Can only be installed as one variant.

    The message that appears for bootmii there is dependent on whether or not a bug in boot1 was fixed on your Wii which is generally the case with boot2v3 and boot2v4 Wii's. I will get into in the bootmii subsection shortly.

    Q: What Does "no vulnerable IOS found, can not install" mean?
    A: In most cases this means you have installed some sort of "mod pack" which leaves your system in a damaged state that interferes with HackMii's system scan. In particular, "cIOSCORP" is known to be problematic because some idiot decided it would be smart to take some old version of IOS, change the version number, and overwrite all other IOSes.

    Trucha Bug

    Q: What is the "Trucha Bug"
    A: The Trucha Bug is a bug found in older IOS files which allowed for custom edited Wii ISO files to be 'fake signed' using the loophole bug, as well as install 'fake signed' channels to the Wii. Older IOS files have this bug. The latest update, v3.4, has new repatched versions of every IOS up to now with this bug patched, meaning using the v3.4 System Menu, it is not possible to play modified 'fake signed' Wii ISO files or install 'fake signed' channels to the Wii using the IOS files from the update without some homebrew to reverse this.

    Q: I have a system menu higher than 3.3, Does that mean I cannot install homebrew or wads that need a trucha bugged IOS?
    A: Well yes and no. In order to use the trucha bug you would need to use a trucha bugged IOS. There are programs such as Trucha Bug Restorer that can patch the trucha bug into IOS 36.

    Everything Homebrew Channel

    Q: What is the Hombrew Channel a.k.a. HBC?
    A:The Homebrew Channel is a self-updating homebrew application loader by Team Twiizers which allows users to load homebrew applications without having to run an exploit every time. Once installed, users can access the channel from the Wii System Menu just like any other Wii channel. It can launch homebrew applications from an SD or SDHC card. You can install the Homebrew Channel as part of the HackMii Installer using any of the suggested exploits listed above.

    Q: How do I find homebrew apps?
    A: The easiest way to find apps for the homebrew channel is by going to's homebrew applications list or by running the homebrew browser on your wii.

    Q: I have downloaded an app, now what?
    A:After you download a homebrew application from the internet to your PC you need to put that app on your SD card. Be sure to put it in a subdirectory of your SD card. It should look like this "SD:\apps\homebrew_app_name" (where hombrew_app_name would be the name of the application). Inside the directory should be a file named "boot.dol" which is the executable file for the application (the only necessary) , a *.png file which is the icon you see in the HBC and other stuff needed for different applications.

    Q: I did all of that and it is not showing up on the Hombrew Channel, now what?
    A:This generally means you did not rename the applications .dol file. The homebrew channel can only run apps that are named boot.dol or boot.elf. Not all homebrew apps you download will be named boot.dol/boot.elf.

    Brick Protection


    Q: What is BootMii?
    A:BootMii is a system designed by Team Twiizers to enable complete low-level control of the Wii. It allows the Wii to be controlled mere moments after the On button has been pressed, before any IOS has been loaded and before the NAND filesystem has been read.¹

    Q: Should I install BootMii?
    A: Yes you should install BootMii

    Q: Should I install BootMii as boot2 or IOS
    A: BootMii as boot2 is preferred. Having BootMii as boot2 will make your Wii virtually unbrickable. It is also the best way to make and restore a backup of your NAND. Newer Wii's will not allow to install BootMii as boot2 because of a patched boot1 (BootMii is smart enough to tell you this). If that is the case do install it as an IOS. Although not recommended, during a brick if you can get in to the Homebrew Channel (HBC) and have a Gamecube controller you can use the BootMii IOS to restore your NAND.

    Q: What does "The installed boot1 version prevents a boot2 install (-2) mean?
    A: Installing as boot2 is the most useful way to install BootMii, but it requires an exploit in a part of the system that can not be changed under any circumstances. Nintendo finally fixed this bug in new Wiis that were released sometime mid to late 2008. Team Twiizers have looked for a suitable replacement for this exploit, but have not found one, and it does not seem likely that anyone ever will.¹


    Q: What is preloader?
    A: Preloader is a program that will popup when you boot your wii. It is used for a lot of hacks, such as disable disc updates, play out of region games, disable system menu background music. It is very useful and recommended to install if you cannot install BootMii as boot2, because it will allow you to boot in to the HBC. This is important in case you banner brick or corrupt your system menu files.

    Q: If I have BootMii as boot2 should I install Preloader?
    A: This should be left to your personal preference. It is not needed. If you want the patches/hacks it offers you can always use Starfall (system menu 3.2) or StartPatch (system menu 4.x). I personally have BootMii as boot2 and IOS and preloader installed.

    Q: Does preloader make my Wii unbrickable?
    A: No it does not. Preloader attaches itself to an IOS. If you modify that IOS intentionally or not you lose preloader. So say you installed a system menu and you used the incorrect region, not only will you be bricked because system files are corrupted but you have lost preloader.


    Q: What is cIOSCORP?
    A:cIOSCORP is a replacement for the IOS's that the Wii uses, including DIP7... meaning every IOS becomes a cIOS

    Q: What does cIOSCORP do?
    A: cIOSCORP lets you play backups from the Disc Channel, as you would play original games, but without a modchip.

    Q: Where can I get cIOSCORP?
    A: Some fancy Google searches will probably find you what you need. Alternatively, you could ask around. Someone will probably send it to you.

    Q: What are the risks of installing cIOSCORP?
    A: cIOSCORP replaces ALL IOS's (including the System Menu) on your Wii.
    Since they are modified IOS's BootMii will not install.
    You may have problems loading certain games until newer versions are released.
    Installing other IOS's may cause your system to brick.

    Q: Can CIOSCORP be uninstalled?
    A: Yes, you will need to re-install the original IOS's. There is some risk in this as touching system IOS's is risky

    Q: If I format my system will cIOSCORP uninstall?
    A: No, formating your Wii does not revert your IOS's back to their original state. Formatting the wii's system only deletes the save games, nothing more.

    Q: If my Wii becomes "bricked", how can I "unbrick" it?
    A: You can't unless you have BootMii as boot2 or Preloader installed.

    Q: Should I install cIOSCORP?
    A:Im not going to tell you yes or no. I will tell you people either love it or hate it. I do not like it because it messes with my System IOS's and they are other ways to play backups from the disc channel (Waninkoko's Menu Patcher 1.2). These other methods may require a step or two every time you load the Wii but they do not mess with the System IOS's.

    What Causes a Brick?

    Q: What can cause a brick?
    A: Many things can cause your system to brick. The most common one as of late is people uninstalling IOS60 (for system menu 4/4.1) or ios70 (for system menu 4.2). Other ways bricks are caused are by installing a system menu that is not for your wii's region, installing a bad wad (a.k.a. banner brick) and changing your system menu theme.

    Q: How can I unbrick my system
    A: The best way would be to have bootmii as boot2 and restoring your nand. The second best way would be if you can get in to the HBC and reinstalling a system menu. If you have none of these protections than you can try and order a mod chip that may help you or sending in your system to Nintendo for repairs. Nintendo will generally replace your system, if you are out of warranty Nintendo of America will charge at least $75 if not more and they can refuse to repair it.

    Q: I just bricked my new Wii can't I just return it or exchange it?
    A: You can try however some retailers have been advised by Nintendo to check for Homebrew apps mainly BootMii and preloader. Since installing Homebrew voids the warranty Nintendo has instructed the retailers to refuse to accept the return or exchange. Individual cases may vary, but do not be upset when you are left with a white paper weight.

    Q: Where can I find more info on unbricking my wii?
    A: Search this forum. Wiihacks has a lot of useful posts on how to unbrick your Wii. A good starting point would be to read this threadand this thread.

    System Menu

    Q: What is the best System Menu?
    A: There is really no clear answer on this. Most hombrew works on System Menu 3.2 and above. With System Menu 4.0 you can load channels to your SD card and boot them from an SD Icon on your main menu. This gives you 20 more pages to add channels. If you like menu 3.2 you can use a homebrew app called Triforce (search our forums).

    Q: What are the letters next to the System Menu version mean?
    A: They are for determining what region Wii you have.
    For USA: ***U
    For JAP: ***J
    For PAL: ***E
    For KOR: ***K

    Q: What is with System Menu 4.2?
    A: System Menu 4.2 was the biggest update every pushed out by the big N for the Wii. I updated almost every single system file on the Wii, including the boot2. This means if you had BootMii installed and updated to 4.2 you had to reinstall it. It also got rid of the HBC.

    Q: So I shouldn't update to 4.2?
    A: I safely updated my system to 4.2 but I also consider myself and advance Wii Soft Modder. I do not really see any benefits to installing it unless you want the latest and greatest. If you do decide to upgrade read the guides on this forum and make sure you understand them. If you don't ask questions. I rather you ask a stupid question then brick your wii.

    Q: What is a wad?
    A: A .wad file is generally either an IOS, a VC/Wiiware game, or a channel for some other application that can also be run through the HBC. Another thing a wad can be is a .dol forwarder. The special thing about a .dol forwarder, is that it installs a channel that looks the same as any other wad channel would, but while direct wad's of applications can be run without needing the application on the SD card, a .dol forwarder requires the .dol of the application be in a specific folder that it is forwarding to. The reason you would want to use a forwarder over a direct channel is because with a forwarder channel, if a new revision of the application comes out, you can simply replace the .dol wil the updated .dol and your forwarder channel will now load the updated one instead, whereas if you install a direct wad of the application, you would need to uninstall the old wad and get another wad of that updated version and install that. Forwarder's are very useful for applications that update very frequently so use those instead for those type of applications if you want a channel of them.

    Q: How do I install a .wad?
    A: You can install wads using a homebrew app called Wad Manager

    Q:Can installing .wad files brick my Wii?
    A: Yes installing .wad files can brick your Wii. Use only trusted .wad files. Any channel wad that you install has the potential to brick you if it is not a properly formed wad. If the banner is not formed correctly, it will cause what's known as a banner brick. This will cause you to no longer be able to access your system menu so if you do not have preloader or bootmii installed to boot2, you will be in a very bad situation. If you DO have preloader or boot2 bootmii you can still use them to launch the HBC and then wad manager and just uninstall the bad wad you just installed. Doing this will fix your brick and you can go back about your business. Do NOT uninstall IOS wad's if you have a brick though. If for any reason you install some sort of system menu IOS wad like IOS60 on FW 4.0/4.1 while having preloader installed, it will cause a brick as well, but the way to fix this brick is to load preloader and the HBC and reinstall preloader, NOT uninstalling the IOS60 wad. By uninstalling that IOS wad, you will not only brick your Wii even harder, you will kill preloader as well and possibly your only chance and recovering from that brick. So be sure you always know what you are installing/uninstalling through Wad Manager. I'd rather not hear about your "accidents".

    Q: Are .wad files region specific?
    A: Yes they are. However some wad files have been made region free through "Free the Wads".

    Returning Your Wii To A "Virgin" State

    Q: Can I uninstall my softmods?
    A:Yes you can, this would be called making your a Wii a virgin. Follow this guide.



    Q: What is "Broadway"
    A:Broadway is the code name of one of the two processors in the Wii. It is an IBM CPU used in the Wii. Broadway is a PowerPC architecture chip that is similar to the Geko CPU found inside a GameCube (but much faster). When you run a game or navigate through the Wii System Menu (the one with all of the channels) you’re exercising code running on the Broadway.


    Q: What is Hollywood?
    A:Hollywood is the name of the second processor in the Wii. It is the Wii's GPU. It was designed by AMD's ATi Technologies division.


    Q: What is "Starlet"?
    A:When Team Twiizers started modifying the Wii they realized that Nintendo was hiding some information about the Hollywood GPU chip. In addition to the graphics hardware and 24MB of RAM, there’s a full-blown ARM core in there that handles I/O and security. Segher, a Team Twiizers memeber, nicknamed it “Starlet”.
    When the Wii turns on, the first thing to actually boot up is the Starlet,although you can’t see it happen. It has three stages of bootloader, boot0, boot1, and boot2. Then it opens up the internal NAND storage of the Wii to look for the System Menu. Once it finds the System Menu, it reads a header (the TMD) to find out what version of Starlet firmware it requires, reloads itself, loads the System Menu into memory, and finally powers on the Broadway chip. All of this happens well before the Wii shows anything on your TV.


    Q: What is Boot0
    A: Boot0 is loaded from a read only memory placed inside the GPU. When the Wii is turned on, is the first to be loaded, and initializes all the components, decrypts the boot1 from another internal flash memory, it verifies it from a fixed hash, and runs it. So, since the hash is not modifiable, is not possible to replace the boot1 - any edit will result in killing the Wii

    According to Bushing of Team Twiizers boot0 is the first part of the Starlet boot chain. It is hardcoded in mask rom in every Hollywood chip; it will never change. It is designed to be small and simple, because it’s impossible to fix any bugs that are found there. It manages to talk to:
    * OTP storage area (to retrieve a hash to compare boot1 against
    * NAND Flash controller (to read the encrypted boot1)
    * SRAM (to store the decrypted boot1)
    * AES engine (to decrypt boot1)
    * SHA engine (to authenticate boot1)


    Q: What is Boot1
    A:Boot1 is the second stage of the Wii’s bootloader. It lives at the beginning of flash; it is encrypted by AES, using a fixed key. It is hashed using SHA1, and verified against a hash that is burned into OTP memory inside the Hollywood during manufacturing. Therefore, boot1 can be changed in a Wii before it leaves the factory, and new Wiis could have a new version of boot1. It’s not possible to upgrade or modify boot1 in an existing Wii.

    Boot1 is interesting because it was the first vulnerable code in the Wii. The bug in boot1 was a strncmp / hash verification bug It’s what decides whether or not a hacked boot2 will run. This bug has since been patched on Wii's released in Mid/Late 2008/


    Q: What is Boot2?
    A:Boot2 loads an IOS, initializes the Broadway CPU, and loads the system menu.


    Q: What is an IOS?
    A: IOS is the operating system that runs on the Starlet coprocessor inside the Hollywood package. It provides the services that are used by Wii code to access most of the system devices.

    IOS is a somewhat unique system in that many games use (and come with) their own version of the IOS, though many games uses the same IOS versions. There is no "true" version of the operating system, instead there are many of what could be called "slots" for different versions of IOS to sit in. IOS versions are not aware of each other, and are not used or invoked at all unless software specifically requests to run using them. In this way it can be considered "safe" to install custom IOS modules, or to patch any IOS module so long as it is not used by the system menu, as if it becomes corrupt it can be deleted and replaced without damaging the system as a whole.

    It should be noted that the IOS does not act as a hypervisor, the "Home" menu you see when you press the Home button is part of the System Menu proper, it is not provided by the running IOS. To put it simply, the games does not run "on top of" the system menu. When a game is launched the system menu is closed and the game is started, and when the game calls to return to the system menu, the game closes and the system menu is restarted. There can only be one IOS running at a time.

    The only times an IOS is not running is during GameCube mode (during which time MIOS is running instead), or when BootMii is running (during which time mini is running instead)¹.

    Q: What kind of IOSes are there?

    A: I would categorize IOSes in three main categories:

    1) Game IOSes. These are used by games, a game disk calls an IOS to "help" it run. As a result, if the IOS needed by a game is not installed or is of a previous version that cannot be used, the game will attempt to install the IOS it needs by performing a system update. In case the update has been scrubbed or the disk updates have been disabled (by prelaoder, startpatch etc.) it will just black screen. Then, one must find what IOS a game needs and install it manually. See the IOS index for more info.

    2) System menu IOSes. These are called at the boot of the wii, to run with the system menu. Each system menu version needs its own IOS. For example, 4.2 needs ios70, 4 - 4.1 need ios60 etc. If one uninstalls the IOS the sysmenu needs, then his wii is DOOMED with eternal death, aka LOW LEVEL BRICK = Black screen of death = 99% unrecoverable! That is why it is recommended not to uninstall an IOS!

    3) Stubs. These are empty, non functional IOSes, that cannot run anything. When performing an official update, Nintendo will install the most recent system menu, along with its IOS of course. Simultaneously, it will update every IOS to the most recent version. However, since the previous system menu's IOS is not needed any more, it will replace it with a stub. So, if one tries to downgrade directly, the system menu will be installed, but the IOS it needs will be a stub. So the system menu will not be able to start, and eventually you will get a full unrecoverable low level brick. And that is why downgrading is stupid.

    Q: When/How should I install/uninstall an IOS?

    A: The second is easy to answer. Never! Never uninstall an IOS with a number lower than 200!! For the love of God, don't do it. Seriously. Yes, I am talking to you stupid noob, who thought of uninstalling his IOSes to virginise your wii and try again. STOP RIGHT NOW!! Hands of the Wii remote! Keep reading, you are not there yet. You may hate me but I just saved your Wii.
    For the second one, you can install the most recent IOS a game needs, no problem. You can install IOSes almost any time, no problem (as long as you are certain of the source).

    You can use Wadmanager or DOP-ios for that.

    Q: Where can I find IOSes?

    A: [I]Use NUSDownloader and download any IOS you need. |||||LINK||||[I]


    Q: What is a cIOS?
    A: cIOS either stands for Custom Input/Output System or Custom Internal Operating System. I tend to get the feeling that it actually means Custom Input/Output System because of what it does. cIOS is quite simply a modified/patched Nintendo system IOS.²

    Q: Why do I need a cIOS?
    A: Some smooth coders got together at some point and figured out how to patch and modify the system IOS to unlock various features of the Wii that would not typically be available. The first widespread implementation of this technique was DVDX - whereby a standard DVD could be read by the Wii's DVD drive (typically the Wii's DVD drive can only read Wii and Gamecube games). Based on DVDX, the homebrew application MPlayer was able to read DVD movie discs, and the DVD was opened up as a storage medium for various homebrew applications. The first disc backup loaders were also borne out of this customized/patched IOS.²

    Q: How does the cIOS work with my Nintendo's stock IOS? Does it overwrite it? Will it brick my Wii?
    A: The short answer is no. Because many IOS's co-exist on the Wii, it is possible to grab a stock one, patch and modify it, and add it as a brand new IOS for use with homebrew applications that can use it. This is absolutely critical and it's a huge step that the coders found a way to do it. All customized IOS versions install as an IOS in the 200+ range. All stock system IOS's are in the 30-50 range. Installing cIOS is safe because it never modifies your original IOS, it just adds another one. You can also easily remove the cIOS without adversely affecting the stock functionality of the Wii. The only way to brick your Wii when messing with IOS is to delete or modify a standard system IOS such as IOS36 or IOS38. A good rule of thumb is to never mess with the stock IOS'.²

    Q: What is IOS249 and how does it relate to IOS36 or IOS38?
    A: There has been a lot of work done on updating and improving the cIOS. When the USB Loader started to get popular, Waninkoko had been releasing cIOS36rev_(version). cIOS36 is a customized IOS based on system IOS36. It installs as IOS249. Subsequently, most revisions and updates (despite what version of official Nintendo IOS they are based on) will install as IOS249. IOS249 is the IOS that enables most of the hardware hacking such as USB Hard Drive Loading and DVDX. When new games come through with additional patches/IOS requirements, the coders will release a new cIOS to be sure to include all of the patches that are included with that update. That is why suddenly we are looking at cIOS38_rev14 instead of cIOS36_rev13. For maximum compatibility, I would suggest getting the latest stable cIOS release. What constitutes stable?'ll need to do your homework and read forums/release notes.

    It's worth noting that we are at a point where the new releases of patched Nintendo IOS's will install as IOS249 (except for the IOS222 as explained below). If you have IOS249 installed, that should be your de facto IOS for homebrew and other Wii hacks. An updated cIOS249 (whether from cIOS36_rev[version], cIOS38_rev[version] or beyond) is all you need. When a new one comes through, just download the new WAD file and use the WAD Manager to install it over the old cIOS249 (it will choose all of the correct settings for you...just install it). If you have a problem with a newer or buggy cIOS, then just grab an older version's WAD file and install it. It's that easy.²

    Q: What about uninstalling cIOS?
    A: If you want to uninstall cIOS, all you need to do is use Any Title Deleter, or the WAD Manager (if you have the cIOS WAD that you used to install it originally) to delete IOS249. NEVER, EVER delete any IOS with a lower (2-digit) suffix. IOS30, IOS34, IOS36, IOS38, etc. should never be touched. If you remove one, you very well could brick your Wii.²

    Q: What the heck is cIOS222?
    A: One current limitation of cIOS249 is that when you have a hard drive plugged into the Wii, the Wii doesn't like to accept a second USB device (such as a Rock Band microphone or a USB LAN Adapter ). I'm sure eventually this will be solved in cIOS249, but should you not want to wait, you can install cIOS222 by coder Hermes. This specialized cIOS was developed specifically to attempt a fix for the second USB port use issue. The USB Loader GX actually lets you choose whether you'd like to use cIOS222 or cIOS249 to load games. Generally you'll want to use cIOS249, but if you're in need of a Rock Band or USB LAN Adapter fix, you can load with cIOS222.²

    Q: What cIOS should I use?
    A:It is up to personal preference. Waninkoko's cIOS39rev14 is the current release from him. However rev14 breaks dual layer support and it also does not support the other USB port. If dual layer support is important to you try his rev13a. Hermes cIOS 222/223 is considered the successor to Waninkoko's. Waninkoko left the Wii scene in early September 09 and revisions to his cIOS will be few and far between if any. With Hermes you get your dual layer support and other USB port. Nearly all games work with 222 as well.

    Q: Where can I find more information on cIOS?
    A:This FAQ has address most of what is known with cIOS's but if you want more information you can check out this thread on our forums.


    Q: What is a MIOS?
    A: MIOS is a special version of IOS that runs when the Wii enters GameCube mode. The same MIOS is used for all GameCube games and software. It has seen minimal updates in the Wii's lifetime. It contains a full copy of the GC IPL, slightly modified for the Wii. It performs patching of some games when they load, presumably to enhance compatibility with problematic titles.¹

    Q: What is a cMIOS?¹
    A: A customized/hacked version of an MIOS, which allows one to play burned Gamecube game backups

    Running Backups

    Q: What kind of backup loaders are there?!
    A: You will need to wait for my backup loader faq coming soon

    Q: I am having trouble getting xxxx game to work! Help me!
    A: You will need to wait for my backup loader faq coming soon

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________

    I would like to thank you for reading this FAQ. Most of it is contributed by the sources below.
    The creation of this FAQ would not be possible without the senior members of this site. They
    are who I inspire to be, they are knowledgeable and courteous to all users of this site. The
    reason for this is so they can focus on larger issues than answering the same question over
    and over again. Hopefully it works. I would like to thank some main people who made this
    possible. First everyone should thank Bushing and Team Twiizers as softmods would not
    be possible without them. I would also like to thank Tealc, ShadowSonic2, Dogeggs, Messie,
    Favs and gen3sf. I have learned a lot of what I know from them.

    ¹ Information taken from the fine folks at
    ² Information taken from the people at Mike and Heth and their post titled "The straight dope on cIOS for Wii".
    ³ Information provided by users of

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    I plan on adding more to this guide such as error 002 how to fix it, alt dol and cioscorp risk

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    Way cool!!!! Add more of the style:

    hope you don't mind ( and everyone else) I made it a sticky, hope it saves us from a couple of noob questions (don't think so)

    Can you please add: what is homebrew channel, how it works, how to launch apps, where it installs, what is bannerbomb... extra-noob stuff like that?
    Last edited by messie; 09-20-2009 at 02:05 AM.

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    Very nice... very helpful, even answered a couple small things for me, and im only a partial newb. but whay is'nt there any tags?

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    I will be updating the faq sometime tonight when i get home

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    Very nicely done and it explains things clearly and may I suggest you add info about cMIOS as people wanting to play GC backups would find it helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by biigstyk View Post
    Very nice... very helpful, even answered a couple small things for me, and im only a partial newb. but whay is'nt there any tags?
    How do i go back and add tags? Forgot to do so when i started the thread.... Doh!

    Oh and I updated a few things

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    I have a little issue to bring to your attention with regard to this well-meant and useful sticky. I recognize the text of several sections as being cut-and-paste from other sources; fortunately, I believe one source is

    I say fortunately, because the content of is made available under a GNU Free Documentation License (version 1.2). Accordingly, there should be little difficulty in making their information available on this site. However, some reference to the original authorship may be required. This should be checked for the safety of this site.

    I have had the same problems crop up in my workplace with co-workers not realizing that information that they believed was freely available (after all it was from the Internet!) was in fact under copyright protection. Each Website or original source material from which the text of this sticky was copied needs to be checked in order to ensure that no copyrights were violated and to keep safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gen3sf View Post
    I have a little issue to bring to your attention with regard to this well-meant and useful sticky. I recognize the text of several sections as being cut-and-paste from other sources; fortunately, I believe one source is

    I say fortunately, because the content of is made available under a GNU Free Documentation License (version 1.2). Accordingly, there should be little difficulty in making their information available on this site. However, some reference to the original authorship may be required. This should be checked for the safety of this site.

    I have had the same problems crop up in my workplace with co-workers not realizing that information that they believed was freely available (after all it was from the Internet!) was in fact under copyright protection. Each Website or original source material from which the text of this sticky was copied needs to be checked in order to ensure that no copyrights were violated and to keep safe.
    You are right and i am checking this now. However only a bit is used by wiibrew and the parts that are are from a wiki. Can someone copyright their wiki post?

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    Nice work with the update.

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