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Thread: downgrade to v12 to fix SSBB?

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    downgrade to v12 to fix SSBB?

    Hey everyone. I'm having issues getting super smash bros brawl to run, i'm using cIOS rev14 currently and saw somewhere that people using v12 were able to play the game. I've tried downgrading before and it hasn't been able to finish the install, so I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what I'm not doing. Basically all I'm trying is running the installer, do i need to uninstall anything first?

    Also, any ideas if v12 will really help? I have a bunch of other games, a lot of them are pretty new as well and don't want to remove compatibility with them. Thoughts?

    Please let me know if I've posted this in the wrong section, thanks!

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    SSBB runs fine on rev 14, whats the problem your having with it?

    you could try hermes 222/223
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    rev14 has a broken support of DLs, so go to 12 or 13a.. You should run cios36rev13a installer from HBC (not wadmanager!!), it will overwrite the old ios249

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    I ran into the same problem and rather than going back to rev 13 or 12 I just installed Hermes cios 222. At the same time I have now ditched USB Loader GX and gone to Configurable USB Loader.

    Whatever you do, if you ripped the DVD yourself then you will need to re-rip it with the new cios you install. A rev 14 rip will be a fucked ISO.


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