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Thread: WODE (Wii Optical Drive Emulator) announced!!

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    Thumbs up WODE (Wii Optical Drive Emulator) announced!!

    Original Source : Hackmii

    WODE (Wii Optical Drive Emulator) has been announced, an exciting evolution of the Wii modchip.

    WODE will include a Flatmod type mainboard that attaches (solderless) to the Wii drive cable similar to other available chips. It also comes with it's own vertical stand that harnesses a slave board with built-in LCD, USB, and SD slot. The SD card is used to house the powerful Linux-based WODE software.


    Play Wii & GC game ISOs direct from USB Mass Storage devices @8X read speed (HDD and FLASH drive)

    Complete Solder free install solution

    Easy to use GUI - LCD & Joystick - NO homebrew software required (no any update of console SO can block this device )

    Region hack, Update blocker, Autoboot.

    Passthrough with FLAT-MOD mode built-in, play your DVD-R Wii & GC backups and Imports @3X read speed

    Powerful ARM9 MCU

    Totally Flexible Linux Kernel

    USB hub support for multiple USB devices connection

    Great File System support - use existing WBFS formatted media or 'drag and drop' ISOs to existing USB devices

    - NTFS
    - WBFS
    - EXT3FS
    - HPFS

    Future updates will bring more cool features:

    * Disc ripping to WBFS
    * USB WiFi & SAMBA streaming
    * Torrent & eMule download Client

    Here is a YouTube video showing the development hardware...


    They now have an official website with an intro video:

    WODE Wii Optical Drive Emulator, Modchip WII with USB - Flat Mode - Drivekey like - Wiikey Fusion Like - Flat Mii killer - Flatzii killer

    UPDATE 2

    Here a is some info about WODE-JUKEBOX distribution and prices.

    Official WODE-JUKEBOX STREETPRICE will be 70/80 eur - 100/115 USD
    the Kit for sales will include:
    1pc WODE MAIN BOARD to install inside Wii case like a FLAT MODE modchip
    1pc 32pins flat cable to connect wode to WII dvd drive
    1pc 32pins flat cable to connect WODE Main-Board to external WODE Vertical Stand
    1pc. USB power cable
    1pc. Wii SPECIAL VERTICAL STAND that include inside WODE SLAVE BOARD with LCD screen, USB connector, SD/SDHC CARD slot and navigation-Joystick

    Hardware specs of WODE is:
    - ACTEL A3P125 FPGA (manage bridge to Wii drive data bus)
    - MCU NXP LPC3143 - 270 MHz, 32-bit ARM926EJ-S - 128AES security
    - 512 SDRAM DDR
    - 4Mbyte SPI flash (the firmware of WODE)
    - SD CARD SLOT (used like drive C: for linux and extra addons)
    - USB 2.0 support
    - LCD 128x64 pixels w/ backlight

    The idea was born from a car AUDI A5! Yes from GERMAN AUDI car! : D
    You wonder how a car has helped t develop WODE?

    The answer is the Jukebox Function of the Audi A5! Jukebox with 10 GB of memory for music files"

    The system of Audi MMI Navigation Plus allows you to insert a CD and transfer any audio to HDD, preserving the original audio CD and reading the content instead copied on Hard Disk without further problems.

    We wondered if AUDI distributes its own MMI system which allows you to copy any audio disc onto HDD Why canít we do the same with WII?

    The response has been WODE.

    WODE is legal, allows you to take the most of your playground without BYPASSING DRM PROTECTION, it emulates in every way a DVD player including the DRM function which is not being bypassed in anyway!

    Unlike VIDEOGAMES WODE behaves differently, WODE is a bridge interface between the data bus for WII DVD DRIVE and LINUX nothing more.


    This is going to be sweet.

    Check the source for images.

    Pre-order from our sponsors for the deals and support
    wiihacks backs up these risk guarantee
    (local only)
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    Looks great. They'll obviously make it smaller and easier to control but I wonder how much it'll cost.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    It'll probably cost a fair bit but it'll be worth it by the look of things.

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    Hope they make new colors.

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    Thats just a prototype image and chances are they'll have a handful of colours to choose from.

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    They now have an offical site and I've updated the original post with the link.

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    UPDATE 2

    They now have pricing info.

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    Looks nice. Price wasn't to bad either.

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    Considering what it's intending to do the price seems resonable but hopefully becomes cheaper.

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    Damn, that's freaking awesome... It's a shame I already ordered myself a DriveKey modchip... Oh well, I suppose I could always get this one later if I wanted too. ^^; I'd probably even buy a new external HDD just for the occasion. :P

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