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Thread: Homebrew with 4.1

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    Homebrew with 4.1

    Hi folks,
    I've been a bit out of touch. A while back I installed the homebrew channel and followed the various guides here to downgrade to 3.2E, as that was considered the best firmware to be at. I installed the USB Loaded stuff and everything was pretty good.

    Fast forward to now - my wife bought beatles rock band for me for my birthday, but it won't work (black screen on start). I've been reading up on the issue here, and it sounds like I need to upgrade to 4.1E. My question is, is 4.1E now considered a sensible firmware to be at? Last time I was doing this some people were trying it, but popular opinion was that 3.2E was less hassle. I've found various guides here to follow, so I'm happy enough to try it, I've just not found any threads saying whether or not it's a good idea, if you see what I mean :-)


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    3.2 is old school now. You can do pretty much everything at 4.1 as you could on 3.2, it just took a little time for new hacks to appear.

    If you do wish to update then consider using the Waninkoko 4.1 updater, which will ensure you retain your homebrew features.

    Tutorial here:-
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Thanks Tealc, that'll give me something to do tonight when the kids have gone to bed then!



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