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Thread: Virtua Tennis 2009 and SSBB Problem

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    Virtua Tennis 2009 and SSBB Problem

    Hi Guys,

    I'm wondering whether anyone can shed some light on an issue that I've been looking into for ages. I got 2 backups of Virtua Tennis 2009 and also dvd9 version of SSBB and I can't get them to work.

    Virtua Tennis 2009
    I can get to the title screen, but once I press Start, the screen stays black and I can hear the disc drive making a "chugging" noise. I've tried using Neogamma r7 and that give me the same black screen and chugging noise. Using Backup launcher 0.3 gamma will give me a blue screen with the #002 error. I've softmodded my wii using the tutorial and I have also updated to cioscorp 3.4. It sounds like people are having success with #002 by using the tutorial above, but I can't seem to get Virtua Tennis 2009 working.

    I've had a look around to see how I could get it working, but I can't seem to find a definitive answer. From my understanding cioscorp 3.4 has an option of having dual layer support but it doesn't fix #001 errors but if I choose to address the #001 error then I can't get dual layer support. Is this correct? Is there any other way that I may have missed in getting my wii capable of reading the dual layer disc? I have the original and that works fine, only the backup that doesn't work.

    Thanks and appreciate any help at all!

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    Doing a bit more researching and I found one guy that had similar setup to mine but had neogamma r6 installed with the 002 fix instead of neogamma r7.

    My question is, doesn't R7 already address the 002 errors? Or should I go down to R6?


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