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Thread: New Japanese Wii (hard to mod??...)

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    New Japanese Wii (hard to mod??...)

    hey guys

    I just bought a Japanese Wii , I was wondering is it hard to mod??....

    is it still possible to mod a wii easyly?...

    I guess the Easy Wii key is (over now) since they must have changed the

    boards & connections inside.. so it's more or less a suicide? or it's not that hard???...


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    depends which dvd chipset your wii has, best thing to do i take it appart and have a look.
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    isn't there any way to determine that without opening it for nothing?...

    Because all i see right now is Risky Soldering jobs and i think it isn't worth it

    I know the wii is the less expensive console but why risk of breaking it

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    I also bought the new WII set 2 weeks back..and Its working like a charm on 4.0J with Bannerbomb and Gamma Backup launcher .003 +002 Error fix.
    I have test 25 games so far PAL and NTSC everything is working like original.

    Only issue I have encounter so far that I need to turn it of my WII everytime when I done playing with backup game. Looking for soluiton for that..

    Even I thought it would be difficult to do it but..after spending hours of reading materials since there are too much info intheir....

    Good Luck with WII hacking!


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