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Thread: MPlayer CE and USB error

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    MPlayer CE and USB error

    I've been using MPlayer CE since version 0.7. Recently I updated to 0.75, but now it refuses to read USB drives. I've tried formatting the drives, inserting ones with no data, but every FAT32 drive refuses to read.

    If I drive is inserted (before the Wii is on, after the Wii is on etc) and you select FAT32 the whole system freezes - only way to shut it off is to pull out the power plug.

    I have installed cIOS202 for NTFS.

    Any ideas?

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    Tried using both USB ports? The upper one loads slower and is disfunctional, can make MPlayer CE freeze, atleast for me.
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    try geex box seems to work better, at least for me

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    Yip, I have tried both USB ports.


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