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    Wii Doom

    Been searching google for ages, I just cant get Wii Doom working. I own the original games so have the official full .wads but everytime i try and run it, it just code dumps on me. Any ideas?

    I have Wii quake working no problem

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    From the Wikipedia page WiiDoom - WiiBrew

    Playable WADS
    WAD files contain levels, sounds, textures, and sprite data necessary to play the game. The following commercial wads are known to work:

    Original Doom and Ultimate Doom (shareware and full)
    Doom II
    Final Doom
    TNT: Evilution
    The Plutonia Experiment
    In theory, many of the custom wads created by the Doom fan community may also work.

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    after playing around with sd and sdhc, doom doesnt yet support sdhc


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