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Thread: wtf brick wii

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    wtf brick wii

    ok so i have a 4.1 ntscu bannerbombt wii with semi working preloader and bootmii . preloadder problem is the hacks and bootmii nand copie doesnt work

    so one day i want to make the hacks work but my wii bricked this what happend it said a problem has occcured pleas chek the users manuel but after i erased the last wad i installed my wii just turn black and doesent work now s

    srry for the misspeld words it hard to post from a psp

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    any chance last thing you installed was an ios? can you boot to preloader any more or to bootmii? also get a computer

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    no i cant get to bootmii or preloader ,now i got a computer and yes i think it was a ios or cios 60 b or something

    the only thing i see when it starts up is a black screen

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    if all thats wrong with your preloader is the .ini file can't you just install a new/correct one, also i think preloader is actually installed on IOS60, i know that you definitely have to have this installed before you attempt to install preloader...this may be a big problem for you...

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    Messing around with IOS60 is ill advised. What you've basically done is removed the core System menu file that operates the whole Wii, preloader and even the recovery menu. The guide we have on Wiihacks says to never uninstall IOS60
    Never uninstall IOS60! You will brick!!
    What you have now, seeing as you don't have bootmii boot2 is an unrecoverable brick.

    Your options:-

    1) Buy new Wii.
    2) Return Wii to big N for repair at a cost(unless in warranty)
    3) Wait for a unbricking solution which may never appear.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    yea so i geuss im screwd becaus preloader dosent start and beffore when i reinstalled ios 60 preloader still worked but when i un installed ios60 whit preloader and hbc evry thing crashed now evry times i start it i can hear the disk spining and the light turn green but cant see or hear anything


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