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Thread: The Beatles: Rock Band encrypted multitrack .bik files (Please Help!)

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    The Beatles: Rock Band encrypted multitrack .bik files (Please Help!)

    I've been trying for the past couple of days to crack the encryption on this file:

    The Beatles- Hey Bulldog .bik

    What this is, is a .bik file normally used for videos but on Rock Band and Guitar Hero games, multitrack audio. Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, and everything else completely separated.

    You would normally use Rad Video Tools (google it) to convert them to wav but it seems they've encrypted them. There is an extra 56-byte header, that when I remove I'm able to view the channels, but as I go to convert it to wav it crashes.

    If anyone cracks em you'll have the studio master tapes to 45 Beatles songs, plus various RB2 DLC and whatever else comes along. Don't worry, if someone does decrypt them I'll show you guys how to get all 45 .
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    the link is dead...

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    Upped a new one. Can someone at least try and look at it?

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    Guess I'll give it one last try. Anybody?

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    I doubt anyone here has the capability to crack it. I'd wait for some scene group to release the multitracks - probably from the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions.
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    You are correct. I trimmed the 56-byte header and the file was at least identified as bink. Are there really 10 tracks like RAD info says? I'm not sure I buy that.

    RAD Video tools also identifies a video component and can display detailed info about the file. Playing shows a 4x4 pixel wide player with no sound.

    I loaded it into graphstudio using a directshow codec and tried to dump the file. Any attempt to play it crashes the program.

    It's a very odd format and there's something more than just the strange header going on. You'd think RAD's own tools could play the track even if it wouldn't let you re-encode it.

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    I just hope someone can crack em. I really want to hear those Beatles multis.
    Maybe someone can load it on Dolphin and get a RAM dump to get a key.

    And about the 10 channels I think it's,

    1- Kick Drum, Various Toms
    2- Snare Drum
    3- Hi Hat, Cymbals
    4- Bass Guitar
    5- Guitar
    6- Vocals
    7- Backing Vocals
    8- Crowd Singing, Various Instruments, Noises

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    It's listed as 10 mono channels so that wouldn't be quite right.

    I can get Bink/Smacker to actually dump to wave if I set the input bits and frequency, but no matter what settings I use, it's static.

    It's not just the Beatles songs either, they're encrypting all new releases and dlc now. I'm hoping people smarter than us are actually working on the problem.

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    Anybody have any other ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuF View Post
    It's listed as 10 mono channels so that wouldn't be quite right.
    I know that GH5 splits it up at follows, not sure about RB2:

    1: kick
    2: snare/tom
    3: hats left
    4: hats right
    5: bass
    6: guitar left
    7: guitar right
    8: vocals/other left
    9. vocals/other right

    I also can't seem to unpack the RB2 DLC biks.
    I don't understand what exactly you mean by additional header bytes. I opened the bik in a text editor and it just baffles me...

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