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Thread: Restart/Cant read Playdisc while starting Backups

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    Question Restart/Cant read Playdisc while starting Backups

    Hy people!

    First of all: my english is not very well, and so i didn't find the right things with searching. sorry, if this post is redundant.

    My Problem is the following:

    -> I have a WII 3.3E(urope) PAL version
    -> I installed a Homebrew Channel with the Twilight Crack
    -> next i installed cIOS with the tutorial from this site:

    But now, when i try to start some backuped games, the game will start - i see the trailer - but after choosing players (or click game start or similar) the wii crashes:
    -> with some games it just restarts (sam&max)
    -> with other games there comes an message that this gamedisc cannot be read.

    I use VERBATIM DVD-R blank disks
    Burning with an noname Burner with the software ImgBurn (also used Nero without success).
    I burned all with 4x speed.

    Please help me, and give me some suggestions!

    I dont know what i have to try now, to get my backups running!

    thank you!
    greetings from mid-europe!

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    do you boot with neogamma r7?

    sam and max is non compatible i think

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    I use a Program called "Backup Launcher" for starting the backups!

    shall i try to use neogamma ?



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