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Thread: semi bricked japanese wii with hombrew channel

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    Unhappy semi bricked japanese wii with hombrew channel

    hi guys im new to the forum i bought a wii from a friend of mine . the thing is the wii plays all games all regoins its japanese its moded . but its semi bricked by some means , i have after long day installed hombrew on my Japanese wii . so i dont know wat version it is although i inserted virtua tennis 2009 today it updated it . i dont know now wat version it is now although its Japanese and installed hombrew channel by banner bomb now how can i fix my semi brick and change the language to english .ihave installed hombrew channel but cant acess my settings and wifi settings cant do nothing hope u understand my situation plz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help meeeeeeeeeee

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    Not "by some means"-the Virtua Tennis game disc updated your Wii-wiped out some softmod changes. Try reading here for help:

    You probably also need to contact your friend for your sysmenu version something like 3.4J or 3.4U. To recover, you will need to update to a higher sysmenu, so it can be helpful to know about the pre-semibricked Wii. If your Wii can be recovered-never allow a system update to be performed on a softmodded Wii (either from a game disc or over the network from Nintendo).

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    its already hard modded chipped . its japanese and its semi brick the bushing semi brick fixed disc wont work because i think they r outdated .i burned one pop it in to the wii some japanese letters came on black screen with (OFF) BEING one of them. so wat shud i do although i have installed hombrew channel cant that help me . some how . i want to unbrick it and then change the language with any region changer. but i dont know wat to do

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    Plzz jus some can tell me which latest jap game shud i have which contains latest firmware to unbrick my wii as i already have a modded wii


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