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Thread: Some useful Rock band / Guitar Hero info.

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    Hi all,

    Not sure if this is already widely known but I'll post it anyway 'cos I had dificulty finding the info.

    I bought the Rockband "Band in a box" set that includes a USB mic, USB drum kit and wireless guitar with USB receiver.

    I used a backup of Beatles Rockband (obviously so that the expensive original DVD didn't get wrecked by the kids), and the only instrument that would work was the mic.

    The guitar would sync up with the receiver and the blue light on both the guitar and the receiver both stayed steady, but NEVER would the Wii see the guitar or the drums, which were a simple USB plugin, find them as controllers.

    I read and tried everything but they would not work. I was using NeoGamma R7 (tried all combinations of config options) and my wii is up to date but no good.

    After trying from mid day until midnight i decided to try an original Beatles Rockband (gotta' love 24 hour Asda) and the guitar and drums worked immediately without any further effort. (and what a brilliant game it is. go and buy it, it's worth every penny)

    So this definitely applies to Beatles rockband and the "band in a box" instruments so it may well be the same for other Rockband instruments combined with other Rockband and probably Guitar Hero backup games.

    Hope this saves a few people from a few hours banging their heads against the wall. If anyone has extra info or fix information please reply.


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    There is also a way to use the instruments with backups and there are complete and accurate guides do do it in this forum. Hope this saves some people a lot of money...

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    The bad thing about the guides for rock band beatles is that there is not a sure fire method for them to work. Someone needs to come up with a great fix for this. Its giving alot of people headaches on this issue with the instruments.

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    You are wrong. Also the page is called wiihacks, not wiidonthacks. i think i ll just close this thread because


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