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Thread: Suddently Cannot Read HDD from USBloader,Please help

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    Question Suddently Cannot Read HDD from USBloader,Please help

    I played some games from my hard drive with USB Configurable Loader before, it worked well.
    Then recently, it suddenly cannot recognize my hard drive.After 30 secs count down, it just returns to Wii menu.I tried USB Loader GX and NeoGamma, they did not read.
    I tried to switch USB port,use external power to support my hard drive, plug hard drive into Wii before or after turning on Wii. But all these did not work out.
    Is anyone here having same problem?
    Please help, Thanks a lot.
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    does the pc read the drive? it could have been damaged

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    Thanks for the quick reply
    Yes, my pc can read it, but the hard drive does not always work on my pc, i need to try plug in and out several times to get my pc read it.
    It is not demaged, i still can load from WFDS.

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    the fact you have to plug it in and out several times suggests it MAY be damaged.

    Have you tried a different USB cable, just in case the cable is the problem?

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    Ya, you are right, its the cable problem, i tried another cable, it works great.
    Thank you very much.


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