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Thread: Beatles Rock Band Instrument issues. Need Help!

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    Us Beatles Rock Band Instrument issues. Need Help!

    I am using Wii Firmware 4.1u. I have used Neogamma r7 and USB loader GX. Both allow me to boot up rock band beatles and start the game easily. The problem is I can not get the instruments working. The mike works but not the quitar or Drums. I have used the multi cIOS installer and cIOS 222 installer. I also used the guide in Wiihacks for Softmod by dogeggs. Any solutions. I am about to give up and just use my original disc instead. I am trying to get it to work on my kids wii for their room with out the disc on a USB hard drive. Should I just Burn a disc instead? ANy Ideas?

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    I ghhave the same issue. I got the game to load and play after loading cIOS 222 installer. The now loads on gx usb and the mic works but the instruments wont connect.My instruments work with all the other rockbands and track packs just not beatles. Also wont load on my flatmii only on the gx loader.

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    for some reason only the mic works on backups of beatles rockband....i have a dvd -r disc of beatles and i can only use my mic....if you have any other trouble then just look here

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    all the instruments work fine, IF you follow the guide(s) properly.

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    all the instruments work fine, IF you follow the guide(s) properly.
    Currently it doesnt.. I just made the entire 4.1u guide properly, roack band load, but instruments not working, only mic. Still searching solution..!

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    Make sure you use Hermes 222 version 5.1 it will cure the problem.


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