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Thread: Semi-Bricked 3.4E on NTSC

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    Question Semi-Bricked 3.4E on NTSC

    Without actually checking the region I accidentally updated my firmware with 3.4E -- this has left my wii semi-bricked. Everything loads, I just can't access the system menu.

    Attempting to access the system menu gives me the infamous "/fix/us/eng/index01.html" error.

    I thought I would try and use AnyRegion Changer 1.1b -- but now it too gives me an error as seen here:
    Identifying as SU...Error! ES_Identify (ret = -1017)
    Initializing Filesystem driver...OK!
    Error! ES_OpenTitleContent (ret = -1026)

    So my installed region is identified as "."
    The only reason I can tell the sysmenu version is bootMii identifies it as 3.4E
    The Homebrew channel identifies my IOS36 v12.18

    Unfortunately, I must have overwrote my NAND, or done something out of sequence because it tells me my backup belongs to another system (I think I installed boot2 over the backup).

    Am I really stuck here until a new NTSC update? Or is there something else to do? I have a wiikey and the homebrew channel is loading.
    I tried downloading System Menu v385 (3.4U) using NUSD v1.2 and installing it as a WAD but it gives me error (ret = -1035).

    Unfortunately I'm very new to all of this -- I have only been reading enough to be dangerous -- so any help is appreciated

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    Ok - here's how I fixed my problem with a little more trial and error.

    I had several issues attempting to install WAD files (various errors).
    Appparently, I was trying to use WAD Manager 1.5 to install CIOS_Fix (which is necessary for just about anything else).

    I used Custom IOS Installer to install cios_fix.wad (Finally installed)
    This allowed me to install and run "Firmware Downgrader" where I downgraded my firmware to v3.3U - fortunately, I was still connected to the internet.

    YEA! Access to my System Menu again!
    Now that I know I can recover, I then allowed a newer NTSC game to update me to 3.4U. Time to backup my NAND!

    I hope this helps somebody -- this took me at least 2 days to solve.

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    Yes 3.4 needs a cIOS to install wads, that's why you had the issue. Thanks for coming back and posting your solution, I'm sure it'll help others.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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