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Thread: Need help with wii backup loading

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    Question Need help with wii backup loading

    I know my last thread was not really good in title. So I decided to make another post and am really sorry if I sounded demanding to everyone. It would be nice if someone could help me and read this.

    Okay, just recently softmodded my friends wii, which is the LU54 wii, which is the exact same as my wii. I installed the entire HackMii package via Bannerbomb hack, (Except for bootmii boot2). Then installed preloader. Then backed up his wii NAND just in case. Then I installed the Trucha Bug Restorer by downgrading IOS 15, patching IOS 36, then restoring IOS 15. I then installed the CIOS 38 rev13b (I know rev 14 is out) which successfully installed CIOS 249. I then installed CMIOS rev 8 for Gamecube backups. Then installed CIOS 30 to run SD card virtual console. Then I installed CIOSCorp 3.3 for him (No bashing please) because he is a complete NOOB!

    Now for the problem, I burned the Gamecube and Wii backups to DVD-Rs which work on my LU54 Wii. I try to run them from his wii, and they come up as a disk error, or on the slight chance that it does load, freezes before it can actually load the game! I really don't get it! His father does smoke, so I am getting a Laser Cleaning Kit. But in case this doesn't work, could I get some help here?????

    It can be anything, but tomorrow I am going to try the cleaner and see how that goes.

    If you need/want any more info. please ask.

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    Your problem was answered on this link;

    Don't forget the thanks button...

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    The thing is that it is most likely CIOScorp, but no one knows for sure... I will post more details tomorrow when I test out what works or not. Until then, I still feel the question unanswered.... I still would like some suggestions to open up my options. Because it may be hardware related or software related, it's a mistery for sure! I will be back soon.


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