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Thread: My Wii stop working after playing a game (NHL2K10 ?)

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    My Wii stop working after playing a game (NHL2K10 ?)

    My current wii was:

    Usb loader gx latest (channel)
    cios rev 14a
    always works find for past 3 months or so, after playing nhl2k10 for wii for 10 minutes, turn off go to reboot and i get the following?

    The system files are corrupt, please reffer to wii operations manual to help trouble shoot?

    I do have a nand backup of my firmware but I don't think i have ability to do any kind of restore since i have newer generation wii and can't boot via sd card, is there another alternative to resetting my flash/wii? Am i screwed here?

    Edit: decided to unplug everyting of the wii, plug all backup accept the usb cable and it booted up? That's scary? Anyhow, i would still like to know a way to unbrick my wii i'm a LU36...

    Edit: wondering because my kids played over 99 games if i have way too many saved games? i only had 58 blocks free internal memory so I was in middle of clearing and poof i get that same screen? strange oh well.

    Edit: I think I will be ok for now, however I did find Autoboot Universal Unbrick Disc v2, interesting see how this works, it acts like a rescue disk restore to square one.
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    So it booted to System Menu after being unplugged and plugged back in? Sorry it's a little unclear at the end.
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