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Thread: Wiikey 2 - Homebrew Advice.

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    Wiikey 2 - Homebrew Advice.

    Hello All.
    Im quiet new to this, (Well not really new just confused more than anything.) i have a few questions which i was hoping someone could answer.

    First off ive got a Pal Wii with a Wiikey 2 modchip installed and everything was all hanky dorry. But recently my new back-ups havent been working, ive been getting the black screen from start-up and have to pull the cable out the back, but my old back-up and originals still work fine still. ive tried installing the newest firmware for my wiikey but no joy. after reading for hours on the net the best suggestion i think i can find is to install the home brew channel, this is the tutorial im looking to follow:-

    Would this be the best option for me, or should i go about it in a totally different way?

    because im new to Homebrew, is there anything i will need to install after ive done the above tutorial in order to run my new back-ups?

    Also, having wiikey 2 and HBC installed, can you still play on-line with back-ups or have they gotta be originals?

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    I'd go with this one to be honest. It's more comprehensive and up-to-date and will give you a nice platform with which to expand your options.

    Having HBC/Wiikey2 installed has no bearing on playing online with backups.

    Using the tutorial including the step 5 d) will allow most games to be played (GH5 etc excluded as they need other things)
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    Cheers Tealc,
    Thats helped allot. I did read another tread yesterday where you mentioned the black screen appearing because of using wiibrickblocker. which procedure exactly should you use to block the update but allow the game to run fine? Do you have to wiibrickblock once you have the homebrew channel? Also which update should you allow and which ones you should? ( i went online yesterday for the first time ever on my wii and it asked would i like to update, i said no.)

    Where abouts in Wales you from? Im Living in Swansea.

    Cheers again.


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    If you want to update my advice would be to use Waninkokos 4.1 updater as that will let you update the features without the negative effects associated with an official update. (programs not working)

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    Cheers Fav,
    Jeez this stuff is confusing, as soon as you think your getting on track, theres a new thing to research.... looks like ill be reading for days!!

    To make it easier for me guys if you could, fill in the gaps:-

    To run a backup?

    1. Wii With Wiikey2
    2. Homebrew Channel installed
    3. Updates? (if so which ones)
    4. Install Apps? (if so which ones)

    To make a back-up?

    1. Downlaod iso.
    2. WiiBrickBlock?? (yes or no? allow update or not??)
    3. Burn

    Ive been reading that some say its ok to allow updates from disk/online if its your region(PAL) because of other regions brick your wii, then others say NEVER update.......

    Me thinking id be able to do this and im no more 'Experienced' than a week ago!

    Cheers Again.


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    Most disc updates are fine if they're from the same region as your console, if from another region DON'T UPDATE!!

    I have however had an experience in which a disc update from The Conduit (same region) removed cMIOs from my console which allows you to run Gamecube backups.

    Tealc should be able to help with the rest and make sure you check the guides in the tutorials forum.

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    Cheers Fav,

    How about on-line updates????? is that ok? it said it could affect modified wii's so i said no.


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    Like I said before use Waninkokos updater instead of the official Nintendo one (online) as it wont remove Homebrew programs and is the same as the Nintendo one except it dosn't remove the trucha bug.

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    Cheers Favs,

    Im getting there slowly.


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    Some people habitually update block every game or use the loaders/preloader/starfall etc options to do the same.

    It's safer to remove updates than have them on there.

    It's also better to keep your Wii away from internet updates, you need to stay in control of what's being done to your Wii.

    If a game you run has it's update removed and you do not have the files it tells your Wii it needs you'll get a rather unhelpful black screen. It's at this point that people usually reburn and acceot the update because they don't know any better. There's always a solution on here for any game that will tell you how to fix though.
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