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Thread: Updating and not knowing which chip.

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    Updating and not knowing which chip.

    So from what I've read the only way to tell which chip I have is to take the wii apart, which I am not willing to do. So if i try a wiikey update what will it do? will it do damage or will it tell me that this update is not compatible? and just keep trying till I find the right one?
    Also for the smg wiikey update i've read burn it to disc, then what? insert disk and it runs? T.I.A Myze.

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    just burn to the disk then a reset or rebot

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    So I've tried to install the wiikey 1.3 and 1.9 and after running the test at the end I get an error message saying check connections and what not. So I'm guesing I don't have a wiikey. Can someone tell me where I can get other updates for the smg game, for other chips??


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