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Thread: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

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    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

    Heres is my latest Review!!!

    Hope Yall Enjoy thanks for watching

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    For those that won't watch it.

    He likes it.

    Wii 4.1U
    cIOSCORP 3.3
    NeoGamma R7

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    3 words:


    (and i cant count!)

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    Haha ok I'm sold.
    Wii 4.1U
    cIOSCORP 3.3
    NeoGamma R7

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    I love the Wii but should I get this for PC?

    Gamespot gave this a 4.5 for Wii.

    The only other game I could find (in 2 minutes) was Neopets Puzzle Adventure which got the same score. 4.5.

    I'm scared.

    WTF no PC. Nevermind.
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    Wii 4.1U
    cIOSCORP 3.3
    NeoGamma R7

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    hum... this game is great to play with other people on wii you'll have lots of fun!! but i think the ps3 version and the xbox are better for lone players, better graphics and the gameplay is a bit different so you can enjoy when ur playing alone. ^^

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    Ive been playing this for the last week and a half and just finished it last night..
    The gameplay was awesome and Im stoked I get to start over with my upgraded characters and play again. But one complaint.

    Is it just me or are games a hell of a lot easier (except the damn Metroid Prime series) then they used to be back in the NES/SNES/N64/etc days???

    Maybe its just cause we have the internet to look stuff up when we get stuck but even the actual gameplay.. I pretty much walked right through the Nanite Nick Fury at the end of the game and then went 'Oh shit thats it?'..

    I spent the last 7 years or so trying to complete Metroid Prime 1 and 2 on my GameCube off and on. I got my Wii in September, bought the Trilogy, 2 days later I took down Prime 1 and a week later Prime 2 (had to start both games over from scratch too).
    I was at the end of both games on the GC for years and swear the bosses were 1000x more difficult. It took me literally no more then 10 minutes to finish the Dark Samus boss at the end of Prime 2..

    Marvel took a week. Ghostbusters took 4 days. Lego Star Wars took about a week and Ive blown away what I had found and collected on my DS version Ive played for months and months.
    I got up to Super Macho Man in Punch Out about 2 hours after I installed it.. Maybe I should try out SM Galaxy or finally start Twilight Princess hehe.. The Mario games are always the toughest..

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    maybe your skills have reached superhuman due to the seven years of practice.

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    HAH! If anything my carpal tunnel and tinnitus have made things worse!

    But one thing to note, I played the Prime Trilogy on Normal difficulty, which I then found out after I had started both that it was the equivalent to the GC's Easy mode. Maybe trying Veteran will take a bit longer.. Im still scared to try Hypermode heh.

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