A couple of days ago I bought a new LU65 3.4U wii, which I homebrewed and installed succesfully ciosrev14 a wad manager 1.3 and both neogamma r7 channel and wiigator gamma. They both game me problems when I tried to run a backup disc (1101, 349, 324) so I searched the internet and found that I should instead use cios rev10 and r6. I downloaded cios rev10 .dol and network installed it succesfully. The problem is that after the update none of the homebrew apps (boot.dol) work, not even the r7 channel. I open them and after a while it shows only a black screen and the wiimote cannot conect. This is quite frustrating as I cannot run any backups nor I can remove the channel because wad manager stays in a black screen. Any ideas on how could I fix this? Maybe I need to format the SD card? And is there anyway to update to 4.0? Any help will be greatly appreciated!