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Thread: A little help

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    A little help

    OK I'm having trouble understanding what to do when I have softmodded my wii with the softmod for dummies 4.1, I have 3.4 firmware and post November 2008, I want to upgrade to 4.??? without bricking, I want to be able to save the NAND and add the preloader, so is there a way I can use the "3.1-4.1 Softmod" and upgrade safely without bricking? Can I still put on the Trucha Bug and the Firmware updater? Also how much is needed to donate I don't ask these questions for free I thick when you supply these services that everyone should donate, its only proper to help keep things going. If someone could either pm me or type out the proper way so I dont brick I really do apprieciate it.Thx in advance.

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    Not sure what you want exactly except that you want to upgrade without losing homebrew?
    Well, use this then:
    My Wii
    WiiKey v1 - 4.0E - BootMii/boot2 - Preloader 0.30r4 - Homebrew Channel - cios38r14 - 2GB SD Card

    Region Free - Preloader Hacks
    Skip disc update check - Region Free Wii Discs - region free Wii games_1 - Region free Wii games_2 - Force Disc Region_1 - Force Disc Region_2


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