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Thread: cIOS249 error (ret=-1)

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    cIOS249 error (ret=-1)

    Hi guys. Sorry if this topic is already brought up but I get error 324 when I load a disk with Gamma I am 100% sure I have burnt my backups properly (followed heaps of guides). When I try to install cIOS249 I get error (ret=-1). This also happens when I try to load cIOS36_rev7. I've heard that I should be installing a newer version like cIOS38_rev14 or something but I think I will just get same problem. Help would be appreciated with my screwed up wii.
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    ret =-1 means file missing.

    For cIOS installers the wad file must be at root of sd i.e. sd:\mywad.wad

    Or use network installation for trouble free, not worrying about wad location, installs.
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