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Thread: ERROR! (ret = -1036) When trying to use waniniko's Updater 4.1

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    ERROR! (ret = -1036) When trying to use waniniko's Updater 4.1

    Okay I got Waniniko's 4.1 Updater and it downloads everything fine but once it starts installing the first thing, "System Menu 4.1U" it dives me the error (ret = -1036). Hopefully someone can help me out. I have over 1000 Blocks free so it can't be that I don't have enough free space.

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    I believe you have to install IOS60patched first.
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    Yeah I finally figured it out after deleting most of VC/WiiWare games and wasting a whole day on forums and screwing around with my Wii. Thanks for the help anyways though. Now its sleepy time.


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