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Thread: ERROR! (ewt = -1036)

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    ERROR! (ret = -1036)

    Okay I got Waniniko's 4.1 Updater and it downloads everything fine but once it starts installing the first thing, "System Menu 4.1U" it dives me the error (ret = -1036). Hopefully someone can help me out.
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    Yeah, I am getting this too. My Wii has a WiiKey installed and I want to update System menu etc so that I can install a USB loader via HBC.

    I will be interested to find an answer on this but I am still searching. I will post again here if I find the answer.

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    have you installed ios60 patched? do you have 250 blocks free??

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    I have just put on IOS60 after following the tutorial and tried the 4.1 update again and it works fine.

    The key is following the tutorial

    Many thanks to those who created the tutorial, it's easy to get lost in this stuff.


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