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Thread: Wii wont Spit Disc out,

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    Wii wont Spit Disc out,


    im fairly new heere, parents just bought a tv, it came with a free wii, but for some reason each time i inseert a disc and press eject the wii wont eject the disc out? i had to smash the button for a couple of minutes before it came out? any ideas how to fix these guys?

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    maybe ur freebie wii is not brand new. try to get it back where ur parents bought it. and tell them what happend maybe theyl give u a new one.

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    If your Wii is new.. try sending it in for repairs. I sent mine in and got it back in 3 days. They also extend your warranty for another year from the date they receive it for repairs. If you had softmodded the console... read up on how to remove the hacks. You might void the warranty if you don't remove them.

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