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Thread: Help please, The Conduit on Backup Launcher

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    Help please, The Conduit on Backup Launcher

    I'll start by saying that I'm sorry if it isn't the right place, and move it to the right one.
    I have a pal wii with fw 3.4E and backup launcher 0.3 gamma, I've already tried two downloads of The Conduit and none worked, it just gives me the "error has accured, eject the disc and turn off the console" message..
    Help please? :\

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    update your cios 249 to cios249rev14. also play through neogamma r7 channel, its the newer yet

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    Uhh.. Huh? ^^"
    I don't get too much on those stuff, and I really don't wanna mess up my wii..

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    No mess, no conduit... they don't call me messie for nothing... do a search around and you ll find that this is what you need

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    Ugh.. I guess I'll try, but I have to upergade to this neogama thing? I'm pretty happy with my backup launcher and I really don't wanna brick my wii.

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    ok, get this unzip to SD card, go to HBC and run cios38rev14 installer app, choose ios249 and sd card to run with, install.

    then go to wad manager, run, again ios249 and SD card, then install Neogammar7. This will work, 2 mins max, no risk if you do what i told ya

    if you see anything worrying happening (improbable) stop and sen a message and i ll help out

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    K, thanks for the help, is there any risk? S:
    Also, the download link, mediafire says its invaild ^^"

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    i already answered the first, for the second, try this

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    So.. What is the wad manager, is it in the installed stuff or is it in the wii? I don't really know too much about those stuff, my wii is quite new :\

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    you ll also find it in the Homebrew channel

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