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Thread: Updating CIOS/Homebrew/etc.. help!

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    Red face Updating CIOS/Homebrew/etc.. help!

    First of all.. hi. I'm new to Wiihacks and installed the homebrew channel to my Wii before I had heard of Wiihacks, but since this seems like the place to go to, I'll try to ask my question here. I'm a n00b at hacking the Wii, but not a n00b at hacking in general (when it comes to computers or iPhones - people usually come to me for advice).

    So far my softmod is working fine, I updated to firmware 4.1E and am using Cios rev 10 and Backup Launcher Gamma v0.3. After doing some reading, I found out that at least Cios rev 10 is outdated and that it will not support a number of peripherals and I'm thinking about adding a mic, a Wii motion plus and perhaps some guitars to my setup. So.. my first question is, I need to update Cios for support for these correct? Additionally, I read that some newer games will probably give me a 002 error which could be fixed by using a newer Cios. Right?

    Even though I've read the explanation of most terms in the glossary on wiibrew wiki, I'm still a bit lost as to how I should proceed if I indeed need to upgrade parts of my softmod. Can I just put e.g. Cios rev 14 on an SD card and load it from the Homebrew channel to update? I don't want to ruin my softmod and I definately do not want to (semi-) brick my Wii. I read on a site (translated from Spanish of what I believe is the author of Cios rev xx) that Cios rev 14 would be installed using IOS 38 to IOS 249, but I know I used IOS35 to install something to IOS 249 before.. is this going to cause problems?

    To give you an idea of what (files) I used to softmod my Wii, I've attached a screenshot of the Google translated guide that I used to softmod my Wii. After the installation I updated the Homebrew channel to the latest version (v1.5 I believe) and updated/installed Bootmii both as boot2 and IOS (I googled the choice and read somewhere that it was a good idea to do both).

    Thanks for bearing with me while I get up to speed!
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    Unreadable image

    I see my cutout from the screenshot of the translated guide has been compressed to an unreadable size..

    So here's a direct link to Google Translate for the guide: Google Translate

    Additionally, I added the attachment as a JPG instead of a GIF. This time it is readable.
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    Quite difficult to find your questions in your text but here goes:-

    You will need to update the cIOS, the latest being cIOS 38 rev 14.

    #002 error is a pain but can be fixed by using certain loaders, such as Neogamma for example which has a setting Anti 002 fix.

    Cios rev14 comes as an installer which you simply put in your sd apps folder and load through HBC. If you choose network install you don't even need the wad file.

    As you already have IOS249 (albeit an older version) you can simply choose IOS249 again, it'll just overwrite the older one. Whichever IOS249 you install will overwrite the existing one. You are only allowed one at a time.

    I've yet to find a use for bootmii as IOS install so not sure why anyone would recommend installing both. Hopefully it doesn't cause any problems.
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    Thanks for your reply Tealc, I needed a little re-assurance.

    I will go ahead and install cIOS rev 14 using IOS38 to IOS249.

    As for BootMii, this is what I read about it:
    BootMii as an IOS will not interfere with BootMii as boot2, and having both gives you the ability to run it from the new Homebrew Channel
    Is it possible (and advisable) to run multiple loaders? In my case that would mean installing Neogamma next to Backup Loader Gamma v0.3?

    Also: do I also want to get Cioscorp? Are there any advantages of getting Cioscorp other than being able to load them from the top left item instead of another channel?

    Lastly, as for 'brickproofing' my Wii.. is it enough to make a back-up of my NAND using Bootmii?
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    I've just read one of the other topics on this forum about Cioscorp and even though I'm not quite sure what it does, I'm pretty sure that at this stage in the game (and my current knowledge about hacking the Wii) I do not want to mess around with it..

    I'm currently backing up my NAND using BootMii through the Homebrew Channel.. but if I just turn my Wii off and on again, it will boot to the regular Nintendo Wii menu.. aren't I supposed to see BootMii here and.. don't I need to see BootMii here if I ever want to restore a bricked Wii? I'm positive that when I installed BootMii as boot2 that it said succesful. Should I try to install BootMii as boot2 again?
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    it is supposed to go to the bootmii menu if there is a specific folder called bootmii and some other stuff in it, and you boot with that card plugged in

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    Quote Originally Posted by messie View Post
    it is supposed to go to the bootmii menu if there is a specific folder called bootmii and some other stuff in it, and you boot with that card plugged in
    Ok I cleaned the SD-card and left only the bootmii folder on there, seems like if it does a warm boot (e.g. reset) that it will boot straight to the Wii menu but if I hold power for a while and then reboot that it will go to BootMii. Anyway, I can now consistently get the BootMii menu to pop up first and am making yet another backup of the NAND (better one too many than one too few). In one of the BootMii guides I noticed the step "prepare SD card", I don't think I ever used this step.. am I missing out here?

    Another question that remains: can I install Neogamma next to Backup Launcher Gamma v0.3 without any problems?

    PS: loving this site and the friendly but experienced help!
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    You can install all the loaders of the world and you wont have a problem! it's not that they hate each other! Also, if you have boot2 and nand backup you can do all teh bad stuff you want and nothing will happen, even if you brick you are covered!!

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    I think that also means that it shouldn't cause any problems that I don't think I ever went through the "prepare SD-card" step? I do have the bootmii folder on the SD card with three files in it (bin, ini & elf), I can boot using BootMii and I've made a backup of the NAND and copied both that and /bootmii to my PC, correct me if I'm wrong here.

    Thanks again you two for the help, I'll feel a bit more confident finding my own way around my softmodded Wii now that I now I won't brick it all that easily (or at least not brick it so it can't be unbricked). You made my day!

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