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Thread: New version of snes9x-GX and vbaGX, fixed video problems

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    Post New version of snes9x-GX and vbaGX, fixed video problems

    For those wondering why the hell video rendering modes do not work, here are the new fixed versions of Snes9x-GX and vbaGX:

    Snes9x-GX v4.1.2 for wii

    vbaGX v2.08 for wii

    official pages:

    snes9x-gx - Project Hosting on Google Code

    vba-wii - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Edit: I just tested it and while VBA works well, Snes9x is a no go for me... Don't know what the problem is
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    Downloaded those a couple of hours ago but havn't tried them yet and theres also a new version of FCE Ultra GX.

    Download link:
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    i took the update off the old snesgx i dont like the new skin but..... good looking out, i will try it on this wii i have here to softmod....

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    Anyone having problems also with the new Snes 9x???

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    FCE ULTRA GX - no problems.
    SNES 9x GX - black screen of nothing, press reset to go back to HBC.
    VBA GX - no problems.

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    New version of snes9x-GX

    Updated snes9x-GX and now get black screen. Previous version worked ok.

    WII softmodded 4.1


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    The guys there seem to know about it but they are still scratching their heads... revert to old one for now!!

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    OK guys new one is out, enjoy!!!

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    Downloading it now.

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    Thanks downloaded and installed tonight works a treat!

    Does the wii classic controller work with this?


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