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Thread: Sports Resort (not backup) and Homebrew

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    Sports Resort (not backup) and Homebrew

    Hi, This is my first post here. I have been interested in installing homebrew channel and am slowly processing the info I read. I am a little confused though. I bought my wii last month, so it has the latest system menu (4.1u I think?). We have sports resort, which is an original disc. If homebrew channel is installed, does that interfere with resort at all or is that only an issue if it is a backup disc? My family will not be happy with me if I hack the wii and make resort unplayable (my 3 year old daughter is scarily good at swordfighting!). Thanks!

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    i dont want to scare you away from installing the home brew channel, but would it have hurt you to use the search bar before starting another wsr thread. now that that is said, i believe that since you already have the wsr save file on your wii, you'll be safe , and it will still be playable. just consider what firmware your going to upgrade/downgrade to and install the proper precautions as so you dont accidentilly update from the disc. check out starfall, startpatch, and preloader.
    remember, next time you have a question, search the keywords of it 1st, as there are many threads dedicated to many different questions. good luck

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    I used the search, didn't see anything regarding playing the game using the original disc, it all seemed to apply to using a backup, which is not what I want to do (the reason that I specified original disc in the title).
    So to make sure i understand your response correctly, when installing homebrew, does the installation process automatically downgrade your firmware? From reading the tutorial on here (the one saying it is for 3.1-4.1, even the serials that were not supposed to be hackable), and comparing to some of the older ones on the web, it seems like now you can have 4.1 and the homebrew channel, as opposed to the older method, which brought you to 3.5? Or am I confused? Is there a general info site somewhere that explains terms like wad, IOS, etc? I will search for one but if there is further reading I should do I will do it.
    If these are things that have been asked before, I have not found the answer in a concrete way that is making sense to me yet so I do appreciate the help. I am on other forums on the net and am aware of the etiquette, so please don't take it as me just wanting to suck info then disappear, I try to help others as I learn. Thanks.


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