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Thread: RB running from USB Drive, Drums inop

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    Question RB running from USB Drive, Drums inop

    1st off thanks for all the great posts and tips, I've made it pretty far in Wii soft modding due to this site.
    I have Rockband2 running off a USB HD, USB Loader 1.1.
    Game works fine with Guitar only (while on USB drive) and works with Guitar & Drums when original DVD is used. Drums are WiFi, when the game boots from the USB drive and the WiFi dongle is plugged into the 2nd port on the console, the dongle stops working (no lights), like there is only enough power for one USB port at a time. What you think? Do I need to update the USB loader?

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    This is a common problem when using a usb loader that the 2nd usb port doesn't work but using Hermes cIOS Installer and installing IOS222 can solve the problem, here is the link to the latest one:

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    Performed Hermes cIOS Installer and installing IOS222 tonight, install went fine, but I still lose power to one usb when booting from the drive. I will search on the usb loader 2nd port issue. But if you got anymore tips, I will take em.



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