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Thread: Last Try !

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    Last Try !

    I've been trying to mod my wii for about 3 months lol and now i've came to a decision of resotring to factory setting and then trying a solid tutorial. My wii version is 4.0E so if someone can post a link of tutorials to softmod 4.0 wii and running backup launcher on it. I also need a link to a wii (PAL) game (.ISO) which someone has downloaded and tried. Don't wanna take risks again.

    Thx alot

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    is your wii virgin right now? if not, can you post exectly what you have installed, so we can help you with modding it the best way possible?

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    What you mean by virgin? I've got ISO249 atm. (rev13). and when i run the DVD it says *DVD read error 574*

    I don't really know about what i've installed and done cuz i've tried everysingle thing accept i missed some stuff i can't remmbr thats why i thought maybe starting from the point would be good. Another funny thing is that when i try to run the same DVD on different backup launcher neogamma. It comes up with a different number like 300 something.
    I wanna run backup b4 my cousins arrive and i only got 2 days. PLZ HLP ME

    You guys are the only hope.

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    ok read this guide and do ONLY:

    3d) Run cIOS38 r14 installer, select IOS249 as the one it should use and then select wad install.

    5d) In the Preloader menu select Homebrew Channel (if you didn't install Preloader then just open HBC as normal), run Wad Manager 1.4, use default settings (IOS249 & SD card) and install these wads from the 'wad' folder:


    if you don't have preloader and want it, do the entire 5 step, not only 5d

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    I've tried to run an orignal DVD on my backup launcher and it worked as skagg (mod) told me so i think the only thing which matters is a good ISO and a DVD.

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    what's your point??


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