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Thread: Do modchips kill consoles?

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    Unhappy Do modchips kill consoles?

    Hi. A few years ago I got my PS2 modded, and long story short, it stopped reading any discs over a course of several months (i had to reset the PS2 a hundred times to get it to read a disc).

    Now I have a Wii and I'm afraid that if I get it hard-modded the modchip is going to kill my console. Is it true that modchips shorten the lifespan and eventually kill the console?

    Thanks for any info. I hope a softmod for the wii is created...

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    Don't know if it's any comfort, but the same thing happened to my PS2 without a modchip. I think that early ps2 consoles had lousy materials especially in the disc readig department (the same thing happened to a friend of mine, also with no modchip).

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    No. Modchips should not damage the console in any way. The only way that it could possibly damage anything is if it is a bad installation. (i.e. cold solder points, bridged connections).

    P.S.: Sony's products are pretty cheap (material wise), despite the price. Some of their products PCB's are made of paper-ish substances rather than fiberglass. Probably why it screwed up =]

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    Commercial Wii Drive Modchips DO NOT Kill Wii's.....

    your problem with your ps2 was different.... laser burnout most likely which would not have happened if you installed the fix to prevent it from happening in the first place.

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    Got my wii moded today for 50 works ace, downloaded 20 games and all work 100%

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    I've read somewhere that because DVD-Rs are less reflective than originals, the Wii's laser must work harder to read the disc which then shortens the life span of the drive.

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    I hope by that happends to mine there will be a external HD/Blueray dive i can only hope


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