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Thread: How to fix any Wii problems that can't be fixed by you.

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    Thumbs up How to fix any Wii problems that can't be fixed by you.

    Step 1: Buy a new Wii. Make sure they will give you CASH back. Some stores will if you bitch enough. Wal-Mart I'm talkin bout you. KEEP YOUR RECEIPT.
    Step 2: Swap the insides of old Wii + new Wii. Use Google for that. May require some snapping of plastic. Super glue is your friend.
    Step 3: Return "new" Wii with old parts inside.
    Step 4: Demand cash, not credit unless you were buying something for the same amount anyway.
    Step 5: ???
    Step 6: Profit? nah, try not to bork your new Wii.

    Alternate method: Buy Wii from pawn shop, swap insides, return. Don't rip off the little ma and pa shops please. Stick to chains to avoid thinking of the pawn shop owners children eating pot pies for Thanksgiving. Chain shops have insurance for stuff that mysteriously "breaks".

    My favorite line for returning things electronic: My TV is too much of a piece of shit. I need my money back.

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    this is the WORST information that you could post CONGRADULATIONS
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    in the UK, this would be called "Obtaining goods or services by deception" and is likely to get you arrested and locked up! :P

    EASIEST way to fix your wii is not to be a nab and brick it in the first place!

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    *facepalm* you have been awarded the worst Guide award:

    This time i made sure....

    I'm gonna help you

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    Hahaha. I copied/pasted that from another forum similar to this one. Just thought it was funny and wanted to share.

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    lol. thats funny. but its a bad stuff.


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