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Thread: how to update wiikey2

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    Question how to update wiikey2

    so, i have been doing a lot of reading!!! and it i think if i am right i need to update my wiikey2 to be able to play new games like rockband etc???? all i have is the chip installed nothing else, so i went onto the wiikey2 website and have downloaded an update and extracted it to get an iso

    Wiikey 2 Update/Config Combined Disc v1.2 - 'Asgard Core'

    what next and just to check do i actually have to do this????

    actually, checked, is this an old update???? i got my wiikey about 3 months ago so has it got the most recent update on it?
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    If you used the six wire install it is the newest version.

    If you have not 1.2 is the newest version so just use the config disc to update if you need to.


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