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Thread: PLEASE help a VERY confused person!!!

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    Question PLEASE help a VERY confused person!!!

    I have a wiikey II installed on my wii and i use NOTHING else no usb loader no homebrew nothing, all i do is download the iso then burn the disc then play. So why am i confused? well i want to download (or buy not sure) rockband beatles and i have been reading that you must not update and that you have to install ios?? well i dont have a clue what that is? i have never had to do it before and updating has always been ok, that was wht i opted for the chip because i wouldnt have to update hence not having to worry about bricking my wii???? please help me

    p.s one of the reasons for my worry is that i would like to be able to download extras for the rockband

    thank you all in advance

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    as long as you don't update out of region games for example if you have a pal wii and you down loaded an ntsc game you shouldn't have any problems.

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    thank you for your reply, could you tell me is it then possible to download tracks and extra songs etc from things like rockband and guitar hero?

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    i haven't got that game yet. just going off previous history of games.


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