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Thread: Need Some Advice Please

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    Need Some Advice Please

    I recently softmooded our Wii using a tut from another forum, every thing went ok and there is no problem with our Wii.

    When installed I ended up with dvd dump, GC backup launcher, HBC and backup launcher.

    I installed cIOS36 rev10 and cMIOS rev3.

    I then found this place and started reading and quickly realised that the tut from the other place was incomplete.

    So I've since uninstalled cMIOS rev3 using the uninstaller and removed both dvd dump and GC backup launcher with any title deleter as they are unwanted. cMios is just for GC launcher, right?

    The other thing the tut didn't cover was bootmii and I didn't create a backup before installing cIOS and cMIOS or removing cMIOS, GC launcher and dvd dumper.

    I have now created a backup after doing the above, as I said earlier our Wii is working without problems and I am happier that I now have a backup but feel I would be better having a backup before insalling cIOS etc.

    So my question is can I safely put our Wii back to the stage prior to installing cIOS etc and do a backup of the nand or am I ok with the one I did.

    v3.3e Wii BTW

    I've also read a tut on here that mentions Trucha Bug Restorer should I have done that aswell?
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    cMIOs is only for GC backups so if you have the intent of backing them up then you'll need it if not then you shouldn't worry about it.

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