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Thread: help getting rock band 2 to run

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    help getting rock band 2 to run

    I have a hard modded wii with d2pro9. version is 3.2u. my RB2 is retail. Disc channel reads the disc. I only get a black screen when trying to boot. I tried to boot with gecko v1.9 (which normally works when this happens with other games), but gecko gives me an error:

    "This game requires IOS37. IOS not found on disc."

    I have all the common cios' installed including cios37 rev 2. still having the same problem. I'm about ready to just install the regular ios37 with wad manager and hope for the best. but i'm afraid this might screw something up.

    Is this a bad idea? has anyone had problems like mine before?

    i've searched the forums but everything i can find just seems like overkill since i don't care about usb booting or anything. this is the only game (retail or burned) that i can't seem to get running. rather frustrating since i just dropped $200 on all the equipment.

    please help.

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    For more information on IOS37 see here IOS37 - WiiBrew

    I have IOS37 v3612 on my Wii, I haven't got RB though but I think a lot of games require it installed.

    Another solution would be to let the disc update your Wii by amending your d2pro9 settings, provided you haven't mucked about too much with your System Menu.
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    solved my issues.

    thanks for the reply tealc and the link to info on ios37.

    i now have all games running fine, but i'm going to elaborate in case someone ends up in my exact situation (same mod chip, 3.2u, etc).

    My system setup is listed above and I currently have wii updates disabled with my d2pro utility disc. Serial starts with LU58. I currently have installed Ios 38, 50, 53, 55, and 56 installed. I also have Cios 37r2 and Cios38r14. I'm pretty sure that's it.

    All games burned and retail read in the disc channel for me, but some newer ones lock up when loading and go to a black screen. For those, i use Neogamma to load and they all work fine.

    Rock band 2 runs fine with a neogamma boot. Rock band beatles and guitar hero 5 started running fine from the disc channel after I installed ios56. I have no problems with any instruments.

    Sport resort backup works flawlessly for me as well.

    Please note that I am not using USB loader or anything at this time and I still just burn all my backups.

    Hopefully this info will be useful to somebody at some point.


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