Well I finnaly gomy wii to play ISO backup from disc. Thanks to all who tried to help me. First make sure you have homebrew installed. hbc.hackmii.com
download and follow instructions. Then make sure you take out your SD card, backup on your computer. Now format the SD. Next get this file 4.0nociosfix. Google it. Now extract the folders to SD next put the SD card in wii. Start wii and go to homebrew channel, first run CMDVDX34, install simple instructions just follw the prompts, do not install DVDX from the menu. Next reboot, go to homebrew channel again and run WMIOS35 choose 2nd wad option. Now you can download neo gamma and the apps folder. Next you can get you want from you SD card backup, put them all in the apps folder. You can now play backup and import from HBC, Neo Gamma