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Thread: Wii Hack Tools

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    Wii Hack Tools

    I am putting together a compilation of all the latest & best wii tools, games, etc.....

    am going to upload them rapidfire!!

    please post lists & links here!!


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    Could you elaborate as to what tools in particualr you'd want (wii/pc) as I'm willing to help.

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    how about a wad manager in .wad file, really want this as a channel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by biigstyk View Post
    how about a wad manager in .wad file, really want this as a channel.
    I have a program on my PC called Auto Injectuwad Injector and from what I've read but have yet to try you can apparently inject a homebrew application into a wad to create a channel wad for that application.

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    You can also search for forwarder wads.... I have most of the emulators, wad manager, usb loader gx, wii radio and a few others a forwarders

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    I wanna put together the best of both.. Wii & PC !!

    As of now.. i am trying to put together the perfect wii hack install set!!

    After i get these lists of tools.. I will upload them to my mediafire site..

    My next thing after this is done.. will be announced!!

    Thank You!

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    I'd recommend you make a list of what you want to include such as wad manager, hbc, banner bomb etc.

    It'll make things easier for people to help.

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    I am brand new to the Wii scene, just got one today after having one two years or so ago and having just a wiifree.

    If there are any mac tools out that would be great as well!


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