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Thread: Rock Band DLC Hack help please :P

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    Rock Band DLC Hack help please :P

    I have a query! I have 3.2U and I do not know what kind of things I've already installed on my wii. Well I can name a few stuff like Homebrew Channel, some backup loaders, wad installer and the such. Now onto the main point of my question. I want to apply the "Rock Band DLC hack" and I was wondering how to get it work. Because everytime I go to the Music store it says I need to first open my wii shop. Then my wii shop channel says that I need to upgrade >.< I found something on the net for the wii shop problem but then again it just made me restart the wii everytime I clicked on Wii shop Channel which didn't do that before lol. Now I'm stuck! What do I have to do? Do I really have to upgrade and lose every hack I have? (including the certain things I installed to make Monster Hunter Tri work) Or is there something that can help me to override the said needed upgrade to enter the wii shop? Oh and I run Rock Band 2 on a backup and use softchip loader if it makes any difference. I do have a legit copy but I seem to have misplaced it. Thanks for whoever answers this query of mine. I already installed the RB2 DLC hack but then don't know if it works D: PLEASE I NEED HELP!
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    im having the same problem
    anyone have the solution?


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