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Thread: Problem with Software mod/hack

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    Problem with Software mod/hack

    First I would like to apologize if I this should not have been posted here, or missed something that would anwsers this easly. I've been reading on the subject and still stuck.

    I was originally trying to do this with a video, and just some basic knowledge I read on a few website. Well I could never get a game to run, I kept running into error 002 issues with my copy of Punch out that was burned onto a dvd+r. After finding this lovely website, I decided I would uninstall what I had done. Well that all went to plane. I started to follow this tutorial found here Somethings you should probably know. My Wii is very old (SN LU50). My problem with this tutorial took place when I went to do step c). Go to Wii Options, then go to Data Management > Channels > SD Card, then you will get a message saying "Load boot.elf?" , select 'Yes' and the Hackmii installer will run. the screen just seems to freeze up when the wii goes to load up the SD Card. The Card is formatted for .FAT32 as it say it has to be in tutorial.I was successful before in load things from the SD card on the wii when I had it formatted in just .FAT.

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    might be worth trying a different SD card, i had one that would work for saving pictures, loading wad's etc, but wouldnt work for anything else wii related.

    I would also advise NOT to use DVD+R as it can shorten the life of the wii laser, -R is your best bet (most people recommend Verbatim, but most good brands work for me, and burn slowly!)

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