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Thread: Wired USB Instruments keep disconnecting

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    Wired USB Instruments keep disconnecting

    I have a 4.1U softmodded wii. When I used my store bought World Tour the mic stays connected. But when I load up backup launcher for a backup of Rock Band 2, the wired drums and mic turn off. Seems like the backup launcher disables the usb ports. I got the wii modded about 2 months ago. It has neogamma on the homebrew channel and it says 240 rev 10. I've read that rev. 13b fixes this but online its all about the usb loader usb fix. I've tried to get in touch with the person that did it for help but no response yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. THank you.

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    To make wired instruments work, you need Hermes, it's a custom ios222 and ios223 that rock band 2 uses to run the wired instruments.

    It can be found here:

    If you did not do the hacks on your Wii yourself, I would strongly advise against doing anything to your Wii until you have read up on the wii hacking process, and figured out what is currently installed on your Wii. Wiihacking is not very complicated, but it is a multi step process that can brick your Wii if done wrong.

    Good Luck.

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    Not only that, But there multiple threads about these all ready.

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