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Thread: Best usb loader. best backup loader

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    Best usb loader. best backup loader

    What is the best usb loader and the best backup loader?

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    Depends on what you like.

    It's a bit like asking what's the best drink in the world.

    I like USB Loader GX and Coverfloader for USB Loader but there are millions more of them (not really)

    As for Backup Loaders, well I hear Neogamma is the Dog's nads.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Wouldn't it just be easier to go with one istead of both?

    If your interested in GC backups I recommend Wiigators Gamecube Backup Launcher.

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    Thumbs up Best USB Loader to use

    Quote Originally Posted by bloodlust View Post
    What is the best usb loader and the best backup loader?
    Having experienced recent difficulties playing from burnt DVD-R Disks, I went with advice from some forum users. (USB LOADER CFG)
    I would say USB Loader CFG, Used With cIOS Rev14, and firmware 3.2 Is as good as it can get at the moment for myself, a lot of the games that are tricky to play from dvd-r work without any problem at all.
    I would also say to use a dedicated hard drive just for your Wii games, and not try to use a multi partitioned hard drive.

    A Good hard drive to buy would be a Western Digital My Passport Essential.

    As far as I know the USB Loader CFG has the most bells and whistles, and is very user friendly. Once set-up, Simply press + on Wiimote to load on one of your originals (Maybe Wii Sports) and the user interface becomes apparent when you have loaded a disk (The A, B and 1 buttons are used the most).
    I also use WBFS Manager utiliity to transfer the Game ISO's to the USB hard drive, As often burnt games are slower loading via disk from the Wii to the hard drive.
    If I have the original game I transfer it by using the Wii to hard drive reading method.

    I give the USB Loader CFG a 9.5 score, without hesitation!
    It solved all of my problems, and stopped me going bonkers.

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    I use USB Loader GX however I am all about USB Loader CFG. Until one can solve the IOS reload on multiple .dol's (and this could be a cIOS thing) I would use either of the two mentioned above.


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