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Thread: I guess its time I asked for help on this one...

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    I guess its time I asked for help on this one...

    Hi Guys,

    I wonder if someone could give me a hand with a problem im having.

    I'm a bit of a noob with regard to the whole Wii modding thing, but previously managed to install the Twilight hack, Homebrew channel and Wiigator Launcher 0.3gamma on my 3.1e Wii

    After trying to get Ghostbusters, Wii Sports Resort going unsuccessfully, obviously I started searching through forums etc, and found that I most likely need to upgrade to cIOS rev 14, and get NeoGamma R7 to get newer games working.

    After following the tutorials, ive successfully installed rev14, but when I try to use a WAD to install Neogamma R7 channel, its giving me error --1022, ive read through the posts on this and other forums about it, and there seems to be a way around this error from this point, but no-ones written it in a simple enough way for it to make sense.

    Can anyone help please (sorry to bother you guys with whats probably a really idiot level question!)

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    Error -1022 is usually down to a problem with the wad you are trying to install. Source another wad of the desired file and try again.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    cheers bro, will have a search around and see what I can find

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    As you will often read on this forum, a bad WAD can go a long way to bricking your Wii.
    So the error message maybe a blessing. Take the advice given by Tealc.

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    As we're on the subject of Wad's I tend to get mine from pretty much anywhere I spot them - is there any universally recognised place with a rep for decent wad's?

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    yep! this one!!


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