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Thread: Guitars On Fire v1.04

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    Guitars On Fire v1.04

    Homebrew coder Daid has released a new update GuitarsOnFire, another Guitar Hero homebrew clone game for the Nintendo Wii. The latest version of the music game has added new features and lots of bug fixes.

    Version 1.0 changelog:

    New Features:

    * Practice mode
    * Versus mode
    * Last man standing mode
    * 50/100/150/200 streak effect
    * GuitarHero World Tour Drums support
    * Experimental USB support (No idea if it works, enable it in the settings menu)
    * Saving settings
    * Saving of top scores and showing which songs you have completed already in the song list.


    * Song selection redone (now returns to where you last where)
    * Default neck is now gray
    * Custom stages can supply a own neck/effect texture and note 3D models.
    * Adjusted the hammeron note generation, makes less hammerons
    * Fixed crash bug related to audio. Also fixed a few causes where the audio would get out of sync.
    * Make sure there is a bit of time after the game start before the first song.

    Get Guitars On Fire HERE
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    Yeah I seen that on We brew Wii.
    Accept it had the Hot Red Chilli Peppers for a demo.
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