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Thread: Did I kill it? (Looking for expert opinions)

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    Exclamation Did I kill it? (Looking for expert opinions)

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    I've got some pictures up; I'd really like the opinion of someone who knows what they're talking about! But here's my situation:

    I attempted to install the wiikey, and found that the scale of the parts was much smaller than I had envisioned in my head.. needless to say, therefore the installation was much more difficult than I had expected.

    If you look at the pictures, you'll see that I have two problems: A. I killed the gold contact that serves as one of the soldering points, and B. I have solder "crossing lines." Problem B will likely be an easy fix, I picked up some desoldering braid, and will remove the solder that crosses the gold lines.

    Problem A on the other hand.. Would it be possible to fill with solder where there was once a gold contact, in hopes it will connect with the gold line that leads there? (marked "still good?" in picture)

    Thanks in advance for anyone who's willing to offer their help and advice!!!

    Enlargement picture with lables, and full view picture

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    No. The solder wont stick onto the PCB properly thus, a bad solder. I've fucked up a PCB like that as well (not for my Wii) and Its pretty hard to fix. I suggest taking it to a professional, as it looks like some of your solder joints are cold (not done good).

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    So it is possible to have this fixed by a pro? Is there any kind of place you would suggest I take it? Or even an online service I could mail it into? I wouldn't know where to begin looking to find a service like that.

    Thanks for the help thus far!

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    I not 100% sure that it can be fixed. I couldn't save my PCB.

    Try finding a local modchip installer. If it's not salvagable then you really only have one option.

    Take off the WiiKey that is soldered on.
    Cough up some cash for Nintendo to repair it. (So you are sure you get a functional Wii)
    Then bring it to a professional installer.

    Judging from your situation, I guess you don't have too much experience soldering. It also sounds like you don't have the right soldering tip for your iron, either that or your iron is too hot for the job.

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    Yeah, despite trying to to tune up my soldering skills before taking on the Wii, it turns out I really didn't have the right tools; that and the Wii is much more difficult a task than I had pictured it to be.

    But, I have no idea how to go about finding a local modchip installer.. the only place I knew about got shut down (for selling premodded consoles). The good news is that with my Wal-Mart warranty, it's likely I won't have to pay anything to get the Wii replaced.

    But would it be wise to get it replaced, I've heard that the newest models of the Wii cannot be modded, ..or at least you can only mod them with a certain chip. Which, I don't mind paying for a different chip if it means I can still have it modded; I just wanna make sure a replacement Wii could be modded at all! claims they can mod any Wii; given that is truth, I think I will just swap at Wal-Mart and send it in to them to mod for me. Unless I can find someone local, but I have no idea where to begin looking.

    Think a replacement Wii really won't be a problem to mod?

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    I have the D2C chipset in my Wii. Thats probably what you are talking about.

    I had it modded about a month ago with the D2CKey. It's roughly $50 and you are probably talking about ~$100 if you want someone to mod it for you.

    Just so you know, it's working perfectly fine, with no hitches whatsoever.

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    How do you know if you have the D2C chipset in the wii? Can you look inside and see if it says d2c on the chip or just by serial number?

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    Type in your serial number in there. It's not guaranteed that it's right but its very accurate.

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    Well thanks for the help guys; just to give an update, I sent my Wii into I sent them the photos and they said they could fix it and mod it. It's in route to them now, so hopefully I'll have it back in a couple weeks.

    I'll post back the results

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    i just put my serial in there and this came up

    Your Drive Chip is most likely GC2-D2B.

    Your Drive Pins are most likely cut.

    when i bought the wii i was told it was definatly the wii key is this correct ?


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