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Thread: USB unusable when using USB loader

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    USB unusable when using USB loader


    wii ios 3.4u

    Whenever I use any usb loader the other USB port becomes unusable.

    I can load and play any game but games like Rock band I cannot play because the other usb port is unusable. Anyone know of a fix?

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    Update your cIOS. Latest cIOS is 38 rev 14.
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    Updated to cIOS is 38 rev 14.

    Now the USB light blinks like normal but rockband and guitar hero do not detect any devices.

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    You need hermes. Follow this guide.

    Hermes lets you run games using a cios other then 249, such as ios223, and ios222, which Rock Band and GH use for the USB instruments. Hermes should come with Uloader, which is a USB-loader that lets you select ios222 or ios223 instead of ios249. If you don't like Uloader, configureable USB loader works too. There should be a link in the post I linked to above. Don't worry, this won't mess with anything else, and is needed to run GH:5 off a USB HDD as well.

    Good luck,

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    Yes! You are the man.

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    Happy to help.


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