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Thread: Metroid Prime Trilogy Problem

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    Metroid Prime Trilogy Problem

    I don't know where this is supposed to be under so I'll just put this here. I just recently bought a copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy. Upon putting the game in, it asks me to update. I don't want to because I have no idea what it will do to my softmodded wii. All I know is I'm running 4.0U system menu with CIOS249 Rev 14*. Even though I've been dealing with hacks for a relatively long time, I still consider myself a noob. Can I safely run the disc using Neogamma backup launcher or do I need to do something else, maybe to be able to block wii disc updates? Any help is appreciated.

    Also, a side note, is it worth it to lose all my hacks just to be able to play this game (i.e. revert my Wii back to original as an alternate solution), or should I just return the game if it's too much hassle?

    * I'm not sure about my CIOS version, I think it's that, but I have to check later.
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    Download and install Preloader v0.29 and turn on skip disc update checking, this will allow you to play without updating.

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    Alternately you can get startpatch as well most of what preloader can do without the annoying bugs

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    Thanks for all your replies. So should I install both Preloader and StartPatch. Or should I choose between the two?

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    OK, I guess I'll give StartPatch a shot then.


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